VT800ST - Digital Station 4.0
For the production of "density index" samples
With acquisition of the sample creation parameters

The device has been developed specifically for the requirements of Foundry 4.0. The IDECO VAC-Test & Density Index device is a system for simple determination of the pore potential of liquid aluminium alloys. In order to determine the actual pore potential, a sample is taken from the melt to be tested using a sampling ladle. After casting in two special sample crucibles, one sample solidifies at atmospheric pressure and one at 80 mbar absolute pressure.

Once the samples have cooled down, the density index is determined on the Density Index Analysis System according to Archimedes' principle. The density index represents the percentage density difference of the two samples created.

Thanks to the integrated microprocessor control, the sample creation particulars (e.g. date / time / duration / vacuum / casting line / furnace, etc.) can be recorded and exported together with a sample identification for other systems. The sampling process becomes transparent, traceable and can be digitally further evaluated as defined by Foundry 4.0.

  • Quick and easy determination of the melt quality by the caster
  • The sample crucibles are reusable.
  • Fan cooling of the sample crucibles to room temperature guarantees consistent testing success
  • Infinitely variable working vacuum for precise vacuum setting.
  • The vacuum technology is calibrated by IDECO as standard with a certificate and seal.
  • Stationary device.
  • Integrated vacuum monitoring
  • The device is network-compatible as standard and therefore offers every possibility for individual integration into the in-house QA system and for further processing of the captured sample creation parameters (e.g. in conjunction with a Density Index Analysis device with PC system).

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump

Electronic precision pressure sensor, measuring range 1000 to 1 mbar / calibrated

Microprocessor control (Siemens S7-1200)

Siemens HMI 7" display

Vacuum chamber with sight glass

Fan for cooling the sample crucibles to room temperature

Casting ladle rack included

Container for cooling the "Density Index" samples

CE conformity

Tested according to DGUV provisions

  • Design Mobile VAC-Test System produced from a powder-coated steel structure and anodised aluminium cladding and racks. With industrial fixed and swivel rollers with brake
  • Dimensions approx. W: 690 x D: 560 x H: 860 mm
  • Weight         approx. 88 kg
  • Energy
    ▪ 230V / 50Hz
    ▪ 115V / 60Hz
    ▪ 127V / 60Hz
    ▪ and more

We provide a 24-month warranty. The prerequisite for this is annual servicing by IDECO GmbH. (12-month warranty with 3-shift operation)

  • Coated sampling ladle
  • Coated sample crucible
  • Rack for sampling ladle
  • Crucible tongs
  • Replacement vacuum fluid for vacuum pump
  • Operating manual