VT711SN - Stationary Device
For analysing and documenting "density index" samples

Density Index Analysis Station for determining the density of "density index" samples according to Archimedes' principle. The density index represents the percentage density difference of the two samples created.

The measurement results are automatically read in and stored in a local database together with an individual sample identification via the integrated PC system; at the same time, the system also satisfies requirements for Foundry 4.0.

  • Quick and easy determination of the melt quality by the caster
  • The weighing technology is calibrated by IDECO as standard with a certificate and seal.
  • The device is network-compatible as standard and therefore offers every possibility for integration into the in-house QA system and for further processing of the data (e.g. with the IDECO "QS-Master" office software) to facilitate evaluation of the measurements in even greater detail.

  • Tabular overview of the current measurements with sample identification and measurement result.
  • User-related identification of each measurement (e.g. "article", "customer", "batch", "furnace", "alloy", etc.) with plausibility check
  • Self-configurable selection or validation lists can simplify sample identification and avoid input errors.
  • Automatic measured value identification for frequently recurring entries, e.g. for follow-up measurements
  • Automatic transfer of the measurement results from the density index analysis system
  • Detailed graphic display of the measurement result with indication of the points with thermal relevance. This enables verification of the measurement result.
  • Search and filter function for all stored measurements
  • Measurements can be subsequently supplemented with a comment
  • Printout of measurements (in tabular form) on a local or network printer (if available)
  • Customised software adaptations are of course possible
  • Secured system ("kiosk mode"). No access to the operating system for the operator
  • Manual backup of measurements on USB data carrier

Further individual functionalities are possible when connected to a network, e.g.:

  • Import of master data to facilitate or secure identification input
  • Import of alloy-related or article-related min./max. target values for results evaluation
  • Automatic transfer of additional data from other devices (e.g. spectral analysis)
  • Automatic export of measurement results to a CSV file
  • Automatic data backup to a network folder

  • Fanless industrial PC: Intel ATOM CPU, SSD, Windows 10 IoT LTSC
  • Keypad with wipeable dust protection membrane
  • 15" LED monitor
  • Interfaces: USB, Serial D-Sub, Network RJ45

  • Acrylic glass double door
  • Simple immersion of samples via sliding system with level adjustment
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof
  • Anti-vibration mat
  • Lockable base cabinet with stainless steel door
  • CE conformity
  • Tested according to DGUV provisions

  • Dot matrix printer

  • Design Stationary Density Index Analysis system produced from a powder-coated steel structure and anodised aluminium cladding and racks. 
  • Dimensions approx. W: 600 x D: 540 x H: 1830 mm
  • Weight           approx. 105 kg
  • Energy
      • 230V / 50Hz
      • 115V / 60Hz
      • 127V / 60Hz
      • and more
  • Weighing system
      • Weighing range:        810g
      • Readability:                0,01g
      • Reproducibility:         0,01g
      • Linearity:                    ± 0,01

We provide a 24-month warranty. The prerequisite for this is annual servicing by IDECO GmbH. (12-month warranty with 3-shift operation)

  • Lab beaker
  • Operating manual