TC180MC Temperature Measurement
Integrated in the Melt-Clean System

The TC180MC is operated from the control cabinet of the Melt Clean impeller. Once melt treatment is complete, a guided temperature measurement with identification takes place. The measurement results can be transmitted via ethernet or Wi-Fi, e.g. to the IDECO software "QS-Master", and allow the user to control the melt process. The recommended Ni-Cr-Ni surface or insert probes are characterised by a rapid response time of just a few seconds, enabling the user to document the effective temperature after the melt treatment with almost no measuring delay at all.

  • Measuring range:               -50 to +1300 °C  
  • Rate of measurement:       10 measurements / sec.
  • Resolution:                          1 K
  • Socket for connecting a K-type temperature sensor
  • Display of the measurement result on the HMI of the Melt Clean system
  • Identification fields with customised configuration
  • Optional: external display for batch no. 
  • Optional: external display for melt temperature

A signal column indicates the current process step. Simple target value management enables the user to set transparent targets for employees. 

Yellow: Sensor is in the melt, measured value is being recorded
Red: Stable temperature is too high or too low
Green: Stable temperature is inside the specified range, temperature acquisition complete

Usable temperature sensors:

  • Surface probe OF135HP
  • Insert probe TF135HP
  • Insert probe TF800HP
  • Insert lance TF920HL
  • Spare sensor TF203LK for TF920HL

We provide a 24-month warranty. The prerequisite for this is annual servicing by IDECO GmbH. (12-month warranty with 3-shift operation)

  • Component integrated in the Melt-Clean control cabinet
  • Insert probe TF800HP