MC530 - Melt-Clean Impeller - crane system
Impeller for cleaning aluminium

The IDECO Melt-Clean Impeller System is used for cleaning aluminium. The impeller cleans the melt and removes the existing oxides. The dissolved hydrogen content is also regulated in order to reduce the pore potential; this enables the production of pore-free castings. We offer a wide range of optional solutions for supplementary process documentation.

The MC530 is a solid model that has been reduced to the essentials.

  • Fast and effective cleaning of the aluminium melt by means of the impeller principle
  • Welded steel structure
  • Unit is placed directly on the furnace
  • Application with existing factory crane
  • Treatment in furnaces or transport ladles with a crucible volume of 100kg to 900 kg
  • Interchangeable floor panel with refractory insulation adapted to the furnace
  • Durable graphite components thanks to double special impregnation and subsequent drying - Rotor shaft (impeller shaft), rotor (impeller), dammplate (baffle plate)
  • Predefined program times selectable, e.g. 1 to 10 minutes
  • Addition of treatment agents via an integrated funnel flap
  • See "Options" for further options available

  • Welded steel structure for operation with own factory crane
  • Enclosed rotor shaft drive with double belt and temperature-resistant, maintenance-friendly SKF bearings
  • Insulated exchangeable base plate (fireproof)
  • Base plate with adapted centring for the customer's furnace / crucible. For different furnace diameters / depths with hinged centring feet to ensure stable positioning of the different sizes.
  • Standard coupling system MC275CO for friction-locked, gas-tight mounting of the rotor shaft (manufacturer-independent)
  • Customised graphite components - rotor shaft (impeller shaft), rotor (impeller), dammplate (baffle plate)
  • Control cabinet - microprocessor control with time display, treatment time selection
  • Automatic inert gas pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Base frame for safely setting down the Melt-Clean Impeller
  • CE conformity
  • Tested according to DGUV provisions
  • See "Options" for further options available

We individually manufacture each Melt-Clean impeller for the customer. If you require further technical additions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Design                  Melt-Clean Impeller System for crane operation. Frame produced from a powder-coated steel structure and anodised aluminium cladding. Base plate enamelled with fireproof paint (furnace silver)
  • Dimensions          Depending on system shape/standard size = ø80 cm, height without rotor shaft =75 cm
  • Weight                 Depending on system shape/standard size = 150kg
  • Power                   3N~ 400V / 50-60Hz; 3-phase + PE + N, 16A
  • Inert gas               Nitrogen (N2) or argon (Ar) - min. 3.0 bar, quality = >4.0
  • Interfaces             Network RJ45

We provide a 24-month warranty. The prerequisite for this is annual servicing by IDECO GmbH. (12-month warranty with 3-shift operation))

  • 1 rotor shaft (impeller shaft)
  • 1 rotor (impeller)
  • 1 dammplate (baffle plate)
  • 1 pin spanner for straightforward rotor shaft replacement
  • 1 set of gripper pliers for rotor shaft
  • 1 can of anti-seize spray
  • Inert gas coupling
  • Parking base for setting down the Melt-Clean Impeller
  • Operating manual