HYCAL MK Portable
For Hydrogen Content Analysis

The HYCAL MK Portable has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the production environment - both for the aluminium-producing industry and for foundries. 

The HYCAL MK Portable is a portable hand-held measuring device (8 kg) for the real-time measurement of dissolved hydrogen in liquid aluminium alloys. The technology is based on a novel ceramic material (CaZrO3-In), which is able to conduct hydrogen ions at elevated temperatures and measure them in the hydrogen concentration cell. 

The HMI panel is used for the operation and parameterisation of the measuring process. As a customer, you are able to set up your measurement process individually and define aspects including the measurement time, measurement cycle, target values and measurement accuracy. The measuring process starts upon reaching the stabilisation phase and is presented as a measurement curve on the display. 

This allows the user to see the current state of the melt in situ. On-board diagnostics complement the analysis. 

  • Quick and easy determination of the melt quality by the caster in approx. 5 to 8 minutes.
  • Real-time measurement in the crucible.
  • The sensors used are characterised by good service lives and are able to perform roughly 100 measurements.
  • Measuring range >0.03 ml/100 gr and measurement precision 0.01 ml/100 gr.
  • The technology is calibrated by IDECO as standard with a certificate and seal.
  • The HYCAL MK Portable is designed for flexible use in production operations.
  • Optional data backup is possible with HYCAL PC software.

  • HYCAL MK Portable with integrated software for 99 stored alloys and adjustable measuring parameters
  • Data memory card for documenting the measurements
  • Transport box with loading device
  • CE conformity
  • Tested according to DGUV provisions

HYCAL PC software 

Trolley for HYCAL MK Portable

  • Design            Carry case device
  • Dimensions approx. W: 380 x D: 250 x H: 300 mm
  • Weight         approx. 8.0 kg
  • Energy
    • 230V / 50Hz
    • 115V / 60Hz
    • 127V / 60Hz
    • and more

We provide a 24-month warranty. The prerequisite for this is annual servicing by IDECO GmbH. (12-month warranty with 3-shift operation)

  • HYCAL MK Portable
  • Sensor connection cable  
  • Arm for holding and guiding the sensors 
  • Magnetic foot
  • 800 mm long measuring probe
  • Transport box with loading device
  • N2/Ar gas cylinder connection