Analysis Software


IDECO Analysis Software

User-specific software package for managing and documenting process and test data.

The "QS-MASTER" software allows access to data from IDECO devices, e.g. thermal analysis measurements and their additional data (VAC-TEST, spectral data, temperatures), to separate VAC-TEST measurements recorded with the DICON-BASE software, and to MELT-CLEAN treatment parameters from an "office PC" connected to the network. The measurements automatically transferred to the network by the connected devices can be searched for, displayed and analysed here.

It is also optionally possible to integrate data from the devices of other manufacturers (e.g. spectral analysis, tensile strength, hardness testing). 

The central consolidation of a wide variety of test procedures gives the user a quick overview of the production process of a cast part and ensures straightforward traceability of the product with its defined quality characteristics.

Reliable, statistical quality data can be used to determine dependency.

Individual quality characteristics of production (furnace, temperature, production time, melt treatment), the batch (alloy, density, grain refinement, modification, spectral values) and the strength test can be made mutually dependent and analysed. It is possible to repeat the casting success or identify targeted (knowledge-based) improvement potentials, in order to optimise the casting process.

  • Quick view of the current measurements (e.g. of the last 24 hours)
  • Extensive search and filter functions
  • Individual table format, which can be saved
  • Display of the curve progression of thermo-analysis measurements (identical to the display on the TA unit)
  • Display of numeric data as a history diagram for improved identification of conspicuous values
  • Print function and PDF creation for tables, graphs and diagrams
  • Table export into text format
  • It is retrospectively possible to manually add supplementary data (e.g. comments) to measurements. When the network connection is active, this additional data is also synchronised with the IDECO measuring device
  • Central administration and the provision of master data for the connected test devices (to simplify identification input and avoid input errors on the device)
  • Central administration and provision of alloy or article-related min./max. setpoints for the connected test devices for results evaluation (green/red) as an indication for the user on the test device (e.g. for release or request for post-treatment). 

For installation on the customer's own "office PC". Existing devices are ideally networked with the "office PC" for this purpose.

Individually adapted add-on modules can be embedded in the software (e.g. for the production and management of acceptance test certificates or "TA-Energy").

If data from "non-IDECO" devices are integrated, this always takes place via converter software that has been individually adapted to the third-party data (e.g. "spectral transfer").

"TA-Energy" add-on module

IDECO Analysis Software

The "TA-Energy" add-on module is embedded in the "QS-Master" software.

This enables a detailed analysis of the cooling curves of thermo-analysis measurements, e.g. for research purposes or for test series by means of the derivative functions and the energy coefficient.

Cooling rates and inflection points are particularly evident for alloying elements such as Mg and Cu.

The following additional functions are provided:

  • "Energy curve" as energy coefficient (the "red signal")
  • 1. Derivation of the temperature curve (ΔT / Δt)
  • 2. Derivation of the temperature curve (Δ2T / Δt2)
  • X/Y export (time / temperature / derivative values)
  • Comparison of several measurement curves to visualise the differences in the cooling process in direct comparison
  • Crosshairs
  • Magnification (up to 32x)
  • Free points
  • All views can be printed with the same layout as the screen display or exported as PDF files.

Individual add-on module for the production and management of acceptance test certificates

IDECO Analysis Software

Individually developed module for the production, documentation and printout of acceptance test certificates using the data inventory of e.g.: spectral, tensile test‑, hardness, thermal analysis, VAC-TEST devices, etc. available in the software "QS-Master".

  • Automatic measured value transfer via a primary key (e.g. batch no.)
  • If measurement results are missing, manual input of the measured values is possible
  • Manual input of supplementary data
  • Management of standard remark texts with selection list
  • Management of alloy-related target values (separate target values for the certificates only)
  • Management of all created certificates with a search function
  • Verification option
  • Printout / PDF creation according to template supplied
  • Management and editing of the certificate fixed data possible (e.g.: address, locations, logo, etc.)